Dominic Kießling

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About my work in general:
I’m a creator of visual characters. I’m shaping visual identities. I do this with most different kinds of material. Digital or analoge. I do not make plans. I begin with very basic shapes and routines. There are often radical changes. I like playing and there are many disappointments. I’m searching for moments, when common things turn into something unique.

About Inflatables:
In my most recent project, I am working with flexible skins and air. I am fascinated by the behavior of very thin foil combined with large volumes. My motivation for this project was the wish to create objects that seem like living creatures. With the shaping of the foil, I try to be as minimalistic as possible so that the final body is actually shaped by the physics of streaming air.

About sculptures made of branches:
I like working outdoors. When i went into the forest for the first time with the aim to create something, I had no plan. I realized, that the most common material were thousands of branches and so i tried weaving some of them to a spherical structure, that little by little grew up to a huge sculpture.

About VJing:
Visualizing music is one of my oldest passions. I have been doing this long before I started to do sculptures. It is a highly inspiring way of creating visual content. During an audiovisual performance, I always try to create synesthetic moments, where music and video are pushing each other. At the moment I am running a series of events called “Audiovisuelles Nachtcafé” in Dresden.

About F L U I D:
In this project I experiment with techniques of plastic recycling. The impulse to this project came by the precious plastic movement and one of their open workshops, called “Kunststoffschmiede” in Dresden. There I got the hardware to work out very individual techniques to recompose discarded plastic items. On my Instagram Account you can find a selection of works:

About my past:
I was born in 1984 and studied industrial design. Both in Dresden, Germany. In 2009 I moved to Berlin where I became member of the design studio Pfadfinderei. In 2019 after 10 years of mind-blowing digital design work for big time companies and stage artists, I decided to go back to Dresden and to explore more analog fields of visual art.